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Downtown Dreamers is a personal memoir & lifestyle manifesto where four broke girls, Elaine, Joy, Krystal & Lisa are pursuing their small city dreams in a big city.
After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, they moved in together tackling the challenges of living independently while pursuing their career in the fashion industry. Although the girls are all different from one another, they bonded over learning homemade recipes, vintage buys, L.A. mini trips, craft nights, venting sessions over being an assistant designer, obsession with BIG BANG, traveling to different countries & moving to NYC.
I would first like to thank whoever picked me to be the first person on this page. I am honored. Thanks even though now I realized it’s by alphabetical order… Umm, I would  like to say that I have no motherly instincts nor am I fun to be around. I’m just kidding. I’m the bestest.

ABT JOY PICMy obsession with art, fashion, and happily-ever-afters started when I was born. Being the only girl, my wonderful parents surrounded me with everything pretty and taught me the value of hard work. I played dress up with my dolls for breakfast, pretended to be Sailor Moon at school and dreamed about fairy tales at night. Playing hide & seek in the pouring rain, chasing dragonflies & eating street food are few of the things I will forever miss in the Philippines.
As my family moved here in the U.S., my eyes were opened to all the possibilities I once dreamed when I was a child. I’m a mother and an aunt to Coco & Damon, currently in a serious relationship with my career and if our line isn’t due the next day, I spend most of my Sundays in Disneyland.
In the perfect world, I will live in Paris, make art, be a couturier, design for Dior & Valentino, eat ice cream everyday, stroll down at the Eiffel tower with Coco, conquer the world with my girlfriends and tour around Europe with my grandparents.
Small town girl from Oahu,Hawaii living my dream in the big city. I Live by the phrase, “Do what you love, love what you do”I love coffee & wish I could wake up to the smell of coffee every morning. I collect Travel books of places I want to visit & Magnets of places I’ve been to. . I’m in the process of trying to be quad-lingual… Tagalog for my heritage, Japanese because I learned it in high school & Korean because I want to understand & confidently sing Korean song from Big Bang & Cnblue<3 (my fav Korean boy bands!). My goals in life are to have my own clothing company, create my own non profit to give back to community, & be flexible to travel often.

The youngest of the group, and the most OCD, trying to keep everyone within budget and healthy. Addicted to all things baked, sour candy, the sun, video games, music, and online shopping… I get the shyness from my Dad, my seriousness from my Mother, my weirdness from my Brother, and my prissiness…well, from being the youngest.
H-town ❤
“People come and go, but that’s why we have cupcakes.”

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