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Awesome Amazing Adventure in Australia!


Photo is from another day. Sorry for deceiving you. Haha

                When was the same time you had a vacation? Never? Forever ago? If you were looking for a sign to go, here it is because it’s time to see the world and not just the screen in front of you. Once a break comes along, cease it and go because you’ll never know when the next one will present itself.



Finally after finishing college, I got the opportunity to travel with my family and my goodness, was it time to go. After long hours of dreading to pack, the actual packing, the horrendous trips through airport security, and fourteen plus hours on a plane, I was in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. And all it’s raining glory. Because I have the best timing ever.


Brisbane Airport View


Rainy City View. It’s blurry cause the car was moving too fast. 




To start my wonderful adventure, my parents have decided to head over to… drumroll please… Chinatown. I’m not sure why they think that when you visit halfway around the world, you have to go to Chinatown first but you do.

You just have to.


What’s going to happen when we get to China?


Chinatown, it’s very clean compared to the one in Los Angeles.


Seriously, none of this is photoshopped.


To be honest, my aunt does own a little restaurant in Chinatown. (Oh, I’m here to visit family, if you didn’t guess.) And the food is amazing. There would be more pictures… but I got hungry.


My aunt’s place! Pho B! So good!


Spring rolls and yummy drinks! 


Hot stoned pot with rice, chicken, and more. I forgot the actual name on the menu.

Afterwards, we went to check out the Asian markets around there… And surprise, surprise it looks almost like the ones back in America. But everyone had an Australian accent.


This is what all Asian stores generally look like.

After a small tour of Chinatown and dinner, we all headed back home. It must be age playing its part because not too long past ten, my whole family was already pasted out in bed from the jet lag and exhaustion of traveling. Then again, we had another flight to Cairns at six in the morning… I couldn’t wait for that.


Night lights of Brisbane.

Until next time,


(Day 1: End Scene.)


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