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Pain & Gain Red Carpet Movie Premiere!!!

Last night I felt silly pasting my printed Pain & Gain Movie poster on to a board, prepping it in the hopes of getting the opportunity to get Mark Wahlbergs autograph.

Well I’m so glad that I made it & carried that poster with me to work & to the red carpet because I GOT MY 1ST LEGIT CELEB AUTOGRAPH!

& Guess who’s autograph I got????!

MARK WAHLBERG’s Autograph!!!! EEEEEk.  You don’t even know how much I wanted this. When I first saw him at the Pain & Gain at MTV’s Sneek Peek Movie Week, I was upset that I didn’t get his autograph, but I said to myself that I have another try to get his autograph at the Red Carpet

 It happened so fast. He came out of the car, I jumped with joy & screamed. He made a sign that he’d be back, and once he came back I took out my poster and waved him down! He made his way towards my area, he started coming closer & I waved my poster. I was practically the only one on my side who had a poster made, so I guess that’s why he went to me 1st. He stood in front of me & I handed him my sharpie… He. Touched. My. Sharpie. & signed my board. My whole world just went slowmotion. haha.

I was sooo speechless that I forgot to say Thank you. Or I might have said “I loved you” haha.


Anyway’s that was the highlight of my day. Definitely going to laminate my board so I can keep it forever.

Gonna keep it as a reminder that Dreams Do Come True.

Anyway’s here are pictures from today.


Pain & Gain: Movie comes out August 26.IMG_1200

Tony Shalhoub


Bar Paly


Bar Paly‘s behind…


Mr. Chow


Anthony Mackie


Ed Harris


Mark Wahlberg ❤ ❤ ❤


Mark Wahlberg againIMG_1232


Rebel Wilson


 Michael Benjamin Bay Director

IMG_1255Ken Jeong

Till next adventure,

Starstrucked Krystal ❤


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