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What Not To Do With Candy Melt…


What’s better that Easter candy then homemade Easter candy?

Remember when I posted that the day after Valentine’s Day was the best part of Valentine’s Day? Well, the day after Easter is pretty dang good too. Candy Melts at Target are only 75 cents. That’s like a fourth of a bag of Hersey’s… And that they only come in pink… But who says no to cheap white chocolate?!

            After a good long hour in Target, too much candy, three bags of pink Candy Melts, a mold for the Candy Melts, and an appointment for the dentist for the near future, we got to make beautiful chocolate art!

Let it be known that I scanned the instructions/directions on the back of the bag of the pink warm heaven AND nowhere did it say that I couldn’t add color dye to the Candy Melts. So it is safe to say that the other colors made by Lisa and I turned out a little… dry. Like a bite into the sweet calorie chip and… you couldn’t  It was hard and grainy… And it almost took out a tooth. Ehh.

Beware of the misleading perfect pictures on the candy mold packaging. LIES, ALL LIES. None of my chocolate pieces turned out that perfect. Bleh, at least the normal pinks ones turned out good. Haha.

Things learned about Candy Melts:

  1. They are not made to be dyed. That’s probably why they have different colored ones…
  2. Don’t try to ‘save’ the ruined dyed ones by adding more dye and CMs.
  3. Don’t put them in the fridge. It might crack the mold. Only just a little.
  4. When flipping out the chocolates, hold it over the plate; they fall out quite easily.
  5. Follow some of the instructions. Or all. Whichever.


Also bought Edible Easter Grass. So goodddddd…
Green apple and blue raspberry and the dye we used.

Happy munching,



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