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Thrift Shopping: Jet Rag

Today we decided to go thrift shopping. We didn’t visit much, but one of our destination was the Popular Vintage Hot Spot, Jet Rag.

(Play this song first, it fit’s the theme of this post. This is one of my favorite songs. haha)

Since it was Sunday, they did have their well known $1 sales. Pretty much clothes were just piled infront of their store. I didn’t scavenge through the clothes because they didn’t look too appealing. Although, once we entered Jet Rag, it was Vintage Galore! They were well organized and even color coordinated their items. My favorite part of the store were middle back area with all these vintage dresses. This place is pretty cool because you could see all these different types of clothing from different decades/genre, although their pricing was higher then expected.

I didn’t see their “No Pictures Allowed” sign, till I walked out off the store, but ohh wells.

Here are some pictures from today!







Till next adventure,



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