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OOTD: Floral, Leopard Print & Studs.

Even though I work in the Fashion Industry, I hardly have time to dress up for work. Waking up 30 mins before I have to leave the house, yeah, I have no time to dress up. Plus there’s no guys at work to dress up for since I work with majority women. (I remember those Good ol’ Days where I use to dress up for work… because there was a cute guy who worked across my office. haha)

But, I do love Saturdays & Sundays though because that is usually when I get to pick and choose what I want to wear, play dress up & I have time to put on some makeup.

 Here’s my OOTD


(Leopard Print on Leopard Print?! It just happened because haven’t done laundry yet. haha)

Leopard Top: Charlotte Russe

Leopard Skirt: Cotton On

Floral/Studded Headband: Made by yours truly 

Spiked Heels: Lola


I’m in love with my Floral/ Spike Headband that I crafted yesterday! 


Decided to bring out this ‘Bad Boy” because I never use it, ever! haha.

Shoe Tip: When you are shopping for heels, make sure you can walk in them for more then 10 mins or better, more… I don’t want you to suffer, unless your into that.

I could never wear these going out and about. That’s just asking for some trouble.  haha


Last but not least, Me & My Little Rascal Damon

Till next time,



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