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Paley Festival 2013: Once Upon A Time

Hopin’ everyone had an awesome weekend! Even though, I had to work on Saturday, I had a magical Sunday Fun Day at the Saban Theatre with the rest of the Once Upon A Time Cast!



The show started by the host introducing the amazing creators of OUAT: Adam Horowitz & Edward Kitsis.


And they were nice enough to let us watch “The Miller’s Daughter” before it was aired that night. If you haven’t seen it, this episode shows what made Cora… well, Cora.

We also got to see the first act of “Welcome to Storybrooke.” I’m not going to throw  any spoilers but eeekk, I’m so excited. There’s a huge turn around about to happen.

Without any further ado, here comes the cast:


(Emma, Charming <3, Snow, Edward & Adam, Regina, Rumple, Belle & Hook)

Sorry, I know the picture is bad. We could only afford the $2o seats.

Here’s few of the things that made the crowd go crayyy!

There’s a lot more coming up with Belle and Mr. Gold.  Just be prepared to expect the unexpected.” – Emily DeRavin (Belle)

Does that mean they get to live happily ever after? Belle will get her memory back?


When you see the next few episodes, you’ll see that they (the network) are basically letting us do what we want.” – Eddie Kitsis (Co-creator)

OoOoOo, I’m really excited about this! Please keep going with your turn around (especially with Snow’s character). Do I smell an evil snow coming up? Bwahahaha.


The finale of season two and the opening of season three is a two-parter.  The first part is entitled ‘Second Star to the Right’ and the second part is ‘…And Straight On ‘Til Morning'” -Adam Horowitz (Co-creator)

Peter Pan much? Eeek! I love him. I wonder who’s going to play him.

The Huntsman (Jamie Dornan) will be back.” – Eddie Kitsis (Co-creator)

I SCREAMED. LITERALLY! We all know who’s also very happy about this! The gorgeous evil queen. 😉 & Did I mention how fabulous she is? She’s even better in person.


There will be some back story coming up about the first week Storybrooke was created back in 1983.” -Eddie Kitsis (Co-creator).

He also shared that during this episode, we will see the transition of how everyone reacted with technology, how their fashion taste had to change in order to fit in the society and of course, how they survived in a land without magic.

Afterwards, we just went home. Haha. NOT. I found out that normally, fans wait at the back side of the gate until the cast leaves. Of course, we had to be there!

Up to this day, my roommates still hate me for not getting Hook’s signature for them, (I didn’t want anyone’s autograph) but at least I got Colin to smile at me.


Hopefully you enjoyed my little recap and didn’t ruin anything for you. (I tried really hard even though I wanted to say so much more!!!)

Alright Dreamers, let’s keep working on our dreams and make then into reality!

You’re future costume designer,



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