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Goodbye February, Hello March


I can’t believe it’s already March, which means Spring here! Winter felt like it just came and go and in no time summer will be upon us.

Here are a list of things to look forward to this month…

  1. Spring Cleaning: Clean out those things you don’t need/don’t use & then do a a good deed and donate them.
  2. Daylight Savings: … I’m just excited for longer days to happen so I can be productive again.
  3. Pie Day: Your not a Cool Nerd if you don’t celebrate “Pie Day” aka March 14… 3.14 (get it?)
  4. Girl Scout Cookies: Support those girls people, they are our next generation.
  5. March Movies: 21 & Over, Jack the Giant Slayer, Oz: the Great & Powerful, G.I Joe Retaliation, The Place Beyond the Pines, which are a few good lookin’ movies to check out in theaters.
  6. Saint Patrick’s Day: Get your drinks on! and hopefully score some Irish drunken kisses. haha.
  7. Sweet  Trends: Pastel colors, floral prints, polka dots… pretty much anything soft, cute & girly.
  8. Spring Break: Live it up if  you have the opportunity! People like me who have full time jobs don’t have this luxury anymore…. 😥
  9. Justin Timberlake’s CD Album Release: Loving his “Suit & Tie” single, can’t wait to see what song he has in store for us.

I tried to come up with 10 things, but…. I just couldn’t come up with one more cool thing to do in March. Fill free to add any suggestions to the comment sections below.

These are just what I thought of on the top of my head when I thought of the “March”. 


Wishing you with fun filled adventures.Till Next time,

❤ Downtown Dreamer Krystal


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