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Jack the Giant Slayer: Red Carpet Movie Premiere

Here are pictures from my amazing adventure at the Jack the Giant Slayer Red Carpet Movie Premiere in Hollywood!

I remember one cold & windy night in Hollywood, I stood behind a metal fence, overlooking the Chinese Theater hoping to get a glimpse of celebrities. There was a red carpet event that happened a few hours earlier.

As people poured out of the theater, I wondered how “ordinary” people like myself could be apart of that. I thought how cool would it be if I ever got the chance to be in their shoes…… then a few mins later I spot Keanu Reeves, which was pretty cool. Anways…

Yesterday, I finally had my moment of “awws and oooohs”; to feel like I was a random d-list celeb being able to get attend a premiere of an actual legit Hollywood movie. I didn’t walk the red carpet, I mean I wouldn’t want to anyways because I wouldn’t want paparazzi to take candids of me or random people ask who the heck am I. haha.

So before standing in line to go to the theater, I met up with my friend Heather who was across the street. As I was walking behind the crowds, people were going crazy, lights were flashing, and to my surprise and a relief, the commotion was because of NICHOLAS HOULT!!! My current British Flame.  haha

I was so glad that I got the chance to see him. I thought I missed him and what’s a red carpet premiere without seeing the main character?. I totally fan girl-ed and took pictures of him. He was about 3 feet away from me. He was very nice and took the time to greet and take pictures with his fans. Wished I was one of those girls he took pictures with, but I probably would have  a blurred picture due to some serious shaking of trying to take the our picture. haha.

Well once we saw enough of him, me and Heather stood in the line where we were given our passes. They gave out Free Pop corn & drinks before entering the theater. It was my 1st time going into the Chinese Theater and it was pretty. A classy theater with those red dropdown curtains.

Our seats were about 10 rows to the front, but on the right hand side.

We got to watch the movie in 3D. Overall I thought the movie/storyline was pretty good. It was my 1st Jack & the beanstalk kind of movie.  Not gonna lie, the 3D effects wasn’t so great. In the beginning it was okay, but they seemed like they forgot to do 3D worthy scenes towards the middle, and it just faded to ‘ehh’ effects. I just realized, Ewan McGregor, he was Obi-Wan Kenobi from Starwars!!! I totally forgot. Kinda wish I saw him, but the only famous people I saw was Nicholas and the main girl from a far in her sparkly dress.

I ended the night with a Green Tea Latte from Starbucks and a lovely well needed talk with my friend Heather about boys…girls, life, goals, our future and how effing awesome was it that we got to attend a legit red carpet movie premiere and see Nicholas Hoult.

Till next time,

-Starstrucked fangirl of Nicholas Hoult, Krystal (:


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