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21 & over: Red Carpet Premiere

Well holy fck. I think I just had one of the best solo adventures  of 2013!

I didn’t expect that at the end of the night, I’d be attending an actual Movie Premiere! while sitting among/ in the same theater as the cast and other celebs!!!!


The whole day at work I looked forward to going to Westwood to stalk the 21 & Over Red Carpet Movie Premiere. I was only hoping to see that cutie, Skylar Astin and possibly KevJumba since he is friends with Justin.

I haven’t been to Westwood before, kinda got lost, but followed my phone map, and made my way towards the bright lights and the crowd.

I arrived at the event, and stood across the theater, which was kinda far from the red carpet area. There was security around, so I was scared to get close to the red carpet, thinking that they’d be tight about things…. but noooooooo…Only after Skylar & Justin got to the red carpet, is when I ask security if it was okay to go across the street to get to the other crowd of people. He said I could, and once I saw how much closer I was to the red carpet and how easy it was to take pictures/get autographs of the celeb, I  was bummmin! because I didn’t get to see Skylar! 😦

I stood by the sidelines, waited for a bit, then Miles Teller, the bad boy of the cast, walks over and starts taking pictures of people. He was making his way till he was infront of me! while taking a picture with the girl next to me. I had a fangirl freaking out moment because…. I “fell” in like with him in the movie, especially during his… sock scene! I couldn’t help myself.  He looked more classy in person, obviously since he had his suit and tie…

Anyways… saw some other celebs like Winston from New Girl, the barf girl from Pitch Perfect, Phill & Wesley from Wong Fu, and OMG KEV JUMBA!!!!!! I mean, I already saw him 2 years ago when I first “stalked” him at the YTF christmas event. haha, I just randomly turned around to see who was behind me and all of a sudden Kev’s 2 feet away walking by trying to get to the red carpet. I kinda fan-girled again, only because… I’m not sure. Maybe it was a spur of the moment kind of thing. I actually yelled his name twice, maybe three times and got a little over excited and camera shakey, but I felt like I was the only one who knew him. He didn’t even give autographs or come take pics with people because no one really was calling his name, which was kinda sad. If only I had elaine around, she would’ve gotten his attention…maybe.

But anyways, as the crowd around me starts getting smaller, I just decided to stay longer hoping more celebs would come. Then a lady starts giving out something to people next to me,  once I look at what I got, I thought it was just a memorabilia ID card, but no, it’s an actual ticket! An actual premier ticket with a seat number! I asked if it was real to the people next to me, and it was because everyone who got it started making their way to the Theater. Not gonna lie, I felt pretty bad ass showing my ticket and being led by the security. haha.

I got free popcorn! Sat 2 seats away from a celeb, (I don’t know who he was) and got to watch the movie again! ( I got free advanced screening of the movie Wednesday night)

21 & Over is a definite must! Especially for my 1992 babies, “We’re turning 21!!!!!”

This movie is like a younger version of hangover, it’s hellla funny! Didn’t expect much of this movie, but watching this, twice… made me love the movie more! I’d actually buy this DVD… & it’s probably more because of the sock scene. haha. anyways….

I got home super late, and saying up super late just to finish this blog, but everything was worth what I experienced tonight!

Just seeing how easy it was to see celebs, and actually getting a free ticket to go to the premiere made me realize how much I effing LOVE LA!

Definitely starting to feel the celeb crazy kickin’.

Till my next adventure,

-Starstruck Krystal


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