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Twenty One? No Problem.


(Part One)

            Has anyone tried to Google/Yahoo/Bing what to do for your 21st birthday? Save yourself some time, all the answers suck. Like really bad. Like getting your t-shirt stuck to your sweater when you’re taking it off in public.

Google tells you to go skydiving. Where is this money coming from Google? Are you funding me now? Yahoo says to go to bars and get 21 kisses/compliments/hugs/cheers. What, why? Why would I do this? That’s lame. Bing has offered up the idea that no one cares that I’m turning 21. (Oh, by the way, I’m turning 21.) Thanks, Bing. You know how to make me feel good about myself.

This might help to say that I don’t like to drink or party so maybe I’m a little bias and cynical to turning the great two-one. But on the other hand, I want to remember my night. So don’t roofie me, Alan.

After a few long hours of miserable online searching, I have come up with my own way to celebrate my own birthday. Starting a few days earlier by obviously, shopping. I needed a birthday dress. For a girl working in the fashion industry, I’m sure you can agree it’s essential. It’s like social suicide if I don’t.

To start off the shopping trip, Lisa and I went to Melrose, where shops upon shops waited for my arrival. With a little exaggeration. First stop, we went to Wasteland, where a beautiful Red Valentino black dress lived. If I only had the money to get it. Donations, anyone?

Next stop, Johnny Rockets. The original and the first, serving diner foods since 1986. Everything was so good.



My front view of the kitchen


My side view


Yummy cheeseburger!


Apple pie, a la mode! One small spoon of heaven, one long happy day for me! Haha

If shopping and eating aren’t your ideas for fun, there’s always trinkets and gadgets at Urban Outfitters. Still somewhat shopping and kind of pricy but it’s fun to go in and see all the toys they have out nowadays. And mess around with.

20130220_154816Ahhh, sunglasses… They were very hard to put away…


If you read really closely…

And for more fun, I got a piñata! What’s more fun than beating up a decorated cardboard pony for candy? And I didn’t have to sell an arm or leg for a pony either. Dreams do come true.


Don’t look up the princess dresses!


So many to choose from…


In case you’re wondering… pinatas can be found in downtown Los Angeles. You just got to know where to look!


They range from small ones to 5 foot ones. It’s… Pinata heaven.


I would like to thank Lisa for coming with me. If you come down to get a pinata… Bring a buddy!


Waiting for the bus! Ahh, that was fun to do…

More nonsense and actually birthday later,






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