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OZ: The Great & Powerful Red Carpet Premiere

So there was a OZ: The Great & Powerful Red Carpet Premiere in Hollywood on Wednesday, which meant that James Franco was gonna be there. I haven’t seen him in person, so of course I’m gonna go and try to see his sexy self. I mean who would miss that opportunity?

From work, I took the bus, took a metro, & made it in time for the Red Carpet. Elaine & Lisa already saw James, which was a bummer, but I just stayed & continued to watch the “yellow carpet” hoping to see celebs anyways.

Saw Toby & Mona from Pretty Little Liar first, then I saw Zach Braff (guy from Scrubs)… & then a few mins later I heard a bunch of people screaming & yes, it was James making his way back on the red carpet.

I told myself that when I see him, I’m just gonna be calm. He stood about 12 ft away accross me doing an interview. Once  I saw how cute he looked, especially when he smiled, I couldn’t help but fan girl scream. haha. 

Then I saw  Michelle, Mila, & Rachel… Didn’t realize Michelle had short hair, Mila looked short, and Rachel looked close to Model thin.

A few random people came and go, but towards the end as we all thought it was over, even the paparazzi were starting to leave, people started to scream, and then Arnold Schwartzniger showed up making a whole fashionably late scene.

Overall, it was so cool that I got to see big time celebs for free! Well technically I paid $3.00 round trip on metro, plus that Auntie Anne’s pretzel because I got hungry after watching the carpet, but in all, at least I can add them to the list of celebs that I’ve seen in person…

If your in Los Angeles, take advantage of this type opportunity! Just don’t get in my way, be one of those “wtf” crazy fangirls, or zoom in on your camera of a hot/really famous celeb (ex. James Franco) and ask me who is he!!! Seriously . haha.

-Starstruck, Krystal


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