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Dreamers, Get Your Heart On.

 Started off our Valentine’s Day watching our favorite boys: Big Bang


After work, we joined forces with the rest of the single Koreans at Young King Restaurant who celebrated Korea’s Black Day, as most Americans know it as Valentine’s Day.


Traditionally, singles would get together and only eat black bean noodles but of course, we did not stop there…. We went to Iota and got some shaved ice! Teehee.


& some Honey Butter Toast….


& received free stuff after poppin’ our balloons!


“Whoever said Valentine’s Day is supposed to be sad for singles obviously didn’t have awesome roommates.”

Hope you had an amazing day and got your heart on with the ones you care about the most, whether it’s your parents, lover, friend or simply your cute little pet. Let’s not forget that Valentine’s day is about celebrating the love we have for others and it doesn’t  always have to be in a romantic way. 🙂


Christine Joy


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