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Growing up in the Philippines, I’ve always ‘sorta’ celebrated Chinese New Year. From what I remember, it was a custom to wear red, have a fancy dinner with ‘Queso De Bola’ (literally means, “a huge ball of cheese” and some of my favorite Tikoy (a Chinese Delicacy) and jump up and down so small children can grow taller (obviously, didn’t work for me). As years went by the tradition faded as my family and I have settled in the U.S. However, this year I actually got to spend Chinese New Year with my roommates (which two of them were Chinese.) Teehee.



We had lunch at the infamous “Foo Chow Restaurant,” where Rush Hour was filmed. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed coming from a person who loves to eat. Their food was okay. I’ve tasted more delicious chinese food and the service seriously needs to get a lot better. All in all, I would grade it as a C-.



After our lunch, we decided to take a trip down across the street. All I can say is “WOW.”

Chinese people know how to celebrate. We played with party poppers like silly little children ( it’s not as easy as it looks), threw pennies at the wishing fountain and excitingly danced around while it’s raining confetti!!!





Last but not the least, I was advised to ring the “Money Gong” because I needed it the most.  Since it’s the year of the snake, apparently according to Elaine & her family’s beliefs, I will receive bad luck simply because it’s my year. I don’t really get why. Thank goodness I don’t believe in luck.


Hope you guys had an amazing Sunday! Stay tune for more adventures!




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